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Do you know what your "calling" is ? Every person on earth has one. Something unique only you were born to do. That’s your duty: to figure out what your calling is and then begin to honor it. For my wife and I, realizing our passion took a little bit of soul searching.

My wife and I come from a background of orphans. I met my wife Rodah in church; we found that we had similar backgrounds. God opened our hearts to see where we were coming from and He allowed us to give a helping hand to the children affected by HIV/AIDs who had been orphaned.

Our lives changed dramatically during a big road trip across Zambia. What we saw in most areas really depressed us. People were living in poverty conditions that we found shocking. As we continued to move from city to city, we served God, ministered to His people, and wondered how we can break the cycle of poverty--especially for those kids orphaned by the ravaging AIDS pandemic. We realized that they needed education--and a "mother and afather" to help them.

We also realized in those moments why we were born, why we were married, and the purpose of our lives in helping others. With our own children at our home, God put in our hearts the vision to provide a home for these orphaned children and to be a father and mother to them. We understood where they came from and wanted to give them an opportunity to become a blessing to Zambia and to Africa as a whole.

We made a decision to be a voice for these children, to empower them, and to help educate them. The spirit that burns alive inside each of them will not die but will live again.

God spoke to us to draw from inside of us: our gifts, our talent, our blessings... and to help these children.

Lusungu Transit Orphanage and Vulnerable Children Support Unit was born and was later officially registered with the government of Zambia.

In Zambia, education is the key to a better living standard. Without it, one is doomed throughout life. Education--especially if initiated from childhood--is the most vital tool for uprooting poverty in Africa and for improving the chances for millions of people.

We cannot wait for governments to do it all...which is a challenge, to say the least.

Global volunteering offers the only realistic hope for pulling millions of people in developing countries out of abject poverty. We hope you can be one the volunteers in this generation.

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