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Thank you for visiting this site. We are glad you are interested in learning about our work. By logging onto our site today, you have shown that you have a heart to reach out and give to children who may never get the chance to say ‘Thank you’ in person. On their behalf we would like to say ‘Thank you’.

We have taken a consultative approach, involving our staff together with development and education experts in Zambia. A comprehensive literature review has yielded valuable insights. Rights of the Child, Zambia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy have influenced our strategic thinking. We are cognizant of the need of the ongoing issues of the HIV/AIDS, food security and nutrition.

The website was launched in response to the pressing needs of Lusungu Orphanage. The Orphanage has grown to care for over 114 children. The needs of the children far outstrip resources of Lusungu Orphanage.

Children's Home

Lusungu’s community has been devastated by HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria. All of our children have been affected by this pandemic, through the loss of a parent(s), loss of extended family members and, indeed, the loss of friends their own age. Many come from families headed by a grandparent or their own siblings. Too many are extremely vulnerable because of the ravages of the combined effects of the losses they have experienced in their formative years.

Bishop Caddie Ng’ambi & Mrs. Rodah Kundah Ng’ambi, witnessing the fallout from the pandemic, feared that many orphaned and vulnerable children would find their way to the mean streets of Chingola and indeed in Zambia.

Our efforts are consistent with our desire to facilitate our children’s achievement in school. We do recognize that Lusungu will need increased shelter especially for the vulnerable girls.

Please see How You Can Help and the other links for more information.

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